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HQ is a Premium guest Internet provider. With over 4000 HQWiFi Hotspots located around the Country. Find out why.

HQWiFi - WiFi access as it should be

HQ is one of the Southern Hemispheres first public WiFi providers. Anyone with a WiFi enabled device such as a laptop or smart phone can log onto the HQWiFi network to send and receive emails, surf the web, chat using skype, connect to work with their VPN and if your connection speed allows it access streaming and on demand media.

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Industries we serve


We provide Internet at a range of conference, sporting and event locations. We have packages available for groups as well the ability to customise the user experience so that you can ensure you get the most out of your digital connection with your users.


Whilst Free WiFi is growing in importance globally, good reliable WiFi is a service your business needs. For accommodation providers from Book-a-Bach to 5 Star Hotels the quality of the Internet you provide can make or break the experience of your guest.


Providing free WiFi is a great opportunity to engage your customer, to either like your facebook page and share your venue with the social network connections or engage them with specials on their way through the login process.

Public Spaces

We work with business groups, councils and promotion boards to help bring free WiFi to public areas. Enhance your township by providing a reliable wireless solution and add value to your township by interacting with your residents and increasing visitor stay.

Student Residences

Running a halls of residence, need to manage multiple connections and student data usage whilst ensuring a secure online environment for your students to study and play? We will work with you to take care of the tough questions, security, piracy, data usage, support and managing student Internet.


Customer surveys, social media connections and check in as well as useful specials or information can be fed to your customer via your free WiFi service. Build up a customer database and get something back from the free WiFi you give away.

Guest WiFi Features

HQ Guest WiFi is ideal for operators that want to offer and control a personalised free Internet or perhaps give some free and then charge for extra. This system setup is completely dictated by you, but fully managed for you by us.

Best Connection

We get you the fastest and most reliable Internet connection available to your location.

Monitored Service

HQ provides 24/7 monitoring of all connections and a dedicated Helpdesk from 8am to 8pm 7 Days a week.

Managed Firewall

We provide a locked down environment based on best practices to suit your requirements.

Custom Hotspot Login

Improve the guest WiFi experience with a custome Hotspot login page.

Location Based Marketing

Trigger off banners, messages and videos during the various stages of the login process.

Custom Apps

Create Apps and publish content, display promotional offers and discounts.

HQWiFi Access Options

HQWiFi provides multiple ways for your guests to get online. Choose the set up that works best for your business.

Free Access

Some locations provide free access, this could be from as low as 50MB to unlimted data depending on the service the accommodation provider has chosen. They may also have a slightly different login process, be sure to ask when checking in.

Paid Access

Paid access is generally available at sites that don't provide unlimited data. Click to view our range of standard pricing and plans, some locations will choose custom pricing options depending on their specific requirements and cost of Internet in their location.

Pay Online

We provide secure payments online via DPS who are fully certified as Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP compliant at processor level. All sensitive information is encrypted with the 3DES protocol, using financial Hardware Security Modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our service.

Will my access code work on all HQWiFi Sites?
No. Where possible we try to identify standard HQWiFi sites as HQWiFi and ensure HQWiFi branding or naming on the wireless name “SSID” is prominent, some of these sites will have free access options available and you'll be able to use the HQWiFi username and password you are travelling with. However, you may encounter sites which are "Powered by HQWiFi" in this case the site is in charge of the operation of the system. We just provide the same great backend support and service our customers have come to expect.
I'm a New User, how do I create an account?
There are a range of ways to setup an account for HQWiFi. The two simplest are to purchase the “Instant Access” options available from the login page. This requires a credit card and will generate a userid and password for you. You can also setup your own userid and password and purchase a monthly account at certain locations. This is good if you’re going to be range of this hotspot for an extended period of time. Another easy way is to pop into reception and they’ll be able to take your purchase over the counter and present you with either a scratch userid and password or a printed userid and password that you can use.
I get a security warning when connecting to the hotspot?
On initial connection you are diverted to the HQWiFi login page, if the website you initially selected starts with https://... or diverts to a secure page, e.g. Google, you will get a security error. Some browsers may allow you to ignore this "error" and continue, but it is safer to always initially connect to a page starting http://.... or set your Browser to a default blank page. Safe websites to use as an initial starter page are generally media sites such as,,
The HQWiFi network is listed as unsecure?
Hotspot networks are almost always listed as unsecure as they require no password to allow you to join them. However, if you go to a secure site such as Internet banking or most (but not all) online shopping sites, that site will provide end to end security between their site and your browser. Look for a padlock symbol in your browser this indicates a secure session, clicking on the padlock symbol will generally give you some extra information on the level of security provided. email is generally not secure unless your email provider supports secure email and you have specifically configured this in your email software.
I can’t see the HQWiFi network, my signal is low. What can I do?
Try turning your wireless device off and on again and wait for a few minutes. MS Windows often won't correctly resume the Wireless device if the Laptop has been put in 'sleep' mode. The signal may be low in your area, so try moving to a different area of the property / building. You will have the best signal when you have line of sight with the wireless antenna, usually located on the top of the reception or amenities building. If you’re still having trouble, please let us know. It’s difficult to get 100% coverage of any property but we endeavor to get coverage where it is required in properties we manage.
Why can’t I send emails?
Outgoing SMTP email traffic on Port 25 may be unsuccessful for a number of reasons, all of which are outside HQWiFi's control. Due to the ever increasing problem of email spam some Internet service and email providers may enforce their own blocking to their servers. Port 25 is a very old method for email submission and should no longer be used. It is suggested that you refer to your email provider for a more up to date method of email submission. Most email providers should support SMTP submission on Port 587 or SMTPS (SSL Encrypted SMTP) on Port 465. Regrettably, the Internet standards for email are quite clear, but unfortunately some providers do not conform to the standards. If all else fails, the vast majority of email providers will have a webmail interface, this should always work and is the recommended way of sending email when away from your home or office network.
What will you do with my registration details?
This varies between site, please read and ensure you agree with the terms and conditions before logging in as you should with any electronic service as this represents a contract and your consent to the terms and conditions.
Can I get a phone line without having my broadband with you?
Follow instructions on the status page, this is only presented if you have allowed popups in your browser for HQWiFi, disconnect from the hotspot or, turn off your Wireless adapter using the "Flight Mode" switch. Alternatively, you can try logging off here. (link: text: HQWiFi Logoff target: _blank)
This FAQ is ok, but where do I get support?
You can call us on 0800 HQWiFi (479434). To ensure you get a fast resolution to your issue, please ensure you have your device with you at time of calling along with your UserID and know the apartment number and property you are staying at. Or email with your UserID, Device Type a brief description of the issue along with the apartment number and name of location you are staying and we’ll do everything we can to help.