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Residential Broadband + VDSL

Internet usage seems to always be increasing. Entertainment, more information, social media and working from home - all of these things use more capacity and have higher demands. You need more, you deserve better. Our UFB connections provide a smooth, reliable experience to ensure that you can use the Internet without frustration. Increase your exprience add on extra wireless coverage, and if you require a homeline we can provide a range of VoIP options just let us know!

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Broadband Plans and Pricing

[Updated 20/05/2021] See our range of current HQ Broadband plans available

Budget UFB

Unlimited Data


For small households on a budget, or those with limited Internet requirements. Enough speed to get things done, better quality than ADSL so you don't get frustrated with the experience.

WiFi Router Provided
No Contract Term

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Medium 100

Unlimited Data


Take a busy household. Add in streaming media. Mix with a home office with Skype and remote working. You need more capacity. Our Home Symmetry service provides 100Mbps upload as well as download, providing enough capability for most home users.

WiFi Router Provided
No Contract Term

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MAX 950

Up to 950/450Mbps
Unlimited Data


Full speed ahead, no limits up to 950 Mbs down and upto 450 Mbs upload great for houses with over 5 Power users. Add on the wireless range extenders to cover your home.

WiFi Router Provided
No Contract Term

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our service.

How fast is it?
The best speed and service availble for each site is our goal. When we can't provide that, we'll help you find the company that can.
What does it cost to switch to you?
Typically there is no cost to switch to HQ. But if you want custom managed services a full quote will be provided.
What does it cost to install a new internet connection?
Connection costs from Chorus, if any, will be quoted for approval before work begins.
What are your contract terms, and what are your Early Termination Charges?
Our terms are 12, 24 or 36 Months. However, most of our contracts can be terminated with written notice 30 days in advance.
Do I get a router with your plans?
Whilst you can BYOD, we also can provide a Mikrotik Router pre-configured to meet your needs.
What are the optional add-ons?
Managed Firewall, Up/Down alerts. Design and support services.
How long will my order take?
If you have a Chorus ONT on site we can generally have you up within 24 hours, sometimes 4 business hours. If we have to ship equipment to site, there will be a delay for couriers. Any connection requiring a new ONT or install work will be project based and will vary.
Can I get a phone line without having my broadband with you?
HQ Provides a VoIP solution. This is hosted online, all you need is an Internet connection.
Is your “unlimited data” plan really unlimited?
We have two types of Unlimited. We have Unlimited for small business and residential, which is bundled into our business and residential plans and is truely unlimited with no slow down. Then we have dedicated Unlimited, this is for larger Hospitality sites that are providing Free WiFi to their guests, we treat this traffic differently in the respect that we have dedicated bandwidth and peering for customers who opt in.
Can I move my broadband over to you but keep my phone with my current provider?
This will depend on your current provider and their requirements. Send us a copy of your invoice, we can probably save you a few dollars on your monthly phone bill too.